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Testing takes place every few months to evaluate 
skills for each gymnast.  Our coaches have collaborated 
to set the standard skills for each class.  If all skills are 
passed with correct form, the gymnast can advance to the 
next class.   If any skills are missed, the gymnast must 
remain in the same class, and try again with the next 
skills testing.   For safety, all skills must be 
mastered to move forward. 

Progression of classes - Intro 1 - Intro 2 -Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2 - Advanced 1 - Advanced 2
*Team entry is dependent on skill of gymnast and 
discretion of team head coach

Competition Team Program

We at Head over Heels are proud to have the only competition 
program in the Valley.  Advancing to team takes talent, hard work, 
sacrifice and dedication to the sport.  Our team year after year
 is recognized with medals at the state level that our girls earn and 
we couldn't be more proud of our teams accomplishments!
Extra Private Lessons
For Gymnasts struggling with a particular skill, who want extra time in the gym, or need to prepare more for a meet- private lessons with a few of our coaches 
are available.  Email us if interested and we can get you information 
to book directly with Coach Erica or Coach Gabby.