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Head Over Heels Gymnastics Schedules

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NIMBLE KNEES 3 year olds (45min) - This is a class for 3 year old children who are ready for a more structured class. The child should be able to participate without their parent. Not all 3 years old will be ready for this class. Sometimes 3 and a half is a better starting age. The class approaches movement and learning in a fun but structured way.
NIMBLE KNEES 4 year olds (45min) - This is a class for 4 year old children who are ready for a more structured class. This class is for 4 year old and is a little bit harder than 3 year old. 
Introduction I (60 min) - This is a basic gymnastics class for girls age 5 and up. The class covers balance and flexibility, headstands and cartwheels, and basic tumbling. Students are also introduced to the gymnastics apparatus, the bars, beam, vault, and floor. 
Introduction II (60 min) - This is still basic gymnastics but starting to learn a little harder skills and perfect the ones already learned. They are working on strong bridges and holding a handstand for 5 seconds, pull over on bars, and jumps on beam.  

We will be doing "T-shirt Testing" all summer long for students to move you to a higher level. 

You may join classes the first week of any month!  

The 2019 Schedule is Listed Below